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Thread: What type moderator

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    What type moderator

    Hi Guys new to rifles etc can anyone tell me what type of moderator this is and can it be cleaned,no names or marks on it when i look down it i can see the baffles.
    Also i have a Rem 700 light varmint .223 s/stock fluted barrel,there was a chap on here selling a stock but he said it was a short action bdl stock i have been told in the past these wont fit,what am i lookin for?,and one last question my guns threaded 1/2" what mods and whats 1/2" uf i see thanks and sorry for being such a noob,hope i got the spelling right there LOL
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    No idea what mod that is, it is quite large compared to newer moderators which can be around 7" long and possibly lighter.

    Threads, if one refers to 1/2" thread for moderators, then one mostly means 1/2"x 20tpi (UNF). In some cases especially
    if one needs a thread on a thin barrelled 30cal one would use a 1/2" x28tpi UNEF. Think Browning use them at times.

    Remmy stocks.
    I think your rifle has the ADL configuration, no drop plate, meaning you have to unload the cartridges from the top, right?
    Other Remington 700 versions have either a drop plate BDL or magazine bottom metal. They would use BDL type stocks.
    You could quite easily find a bottom metal from a gunsmith and convert your ADL to a BDL with the other stock.
    Maybe BDL's are a bit safer as one can drop the cartridges out the bottom after the hunt.
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    Thanks for the input so mine is an ADL what about action short and long whats the difference and would the stocks be different thanks

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    Short action Remingtons can take cartridges up to 2.8" COL (cart overall length) so 222, 223, 22-250, 243, 260, 7-08,308, fed 338 and a few others.
    The long actions are about 1/2" longer and have a longer magazine well to take longer cartridges such as 30-06, 300 win mag and so on.
    Action screws have a different footprint and the stocks between long and short action differ.
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    So am i right and thinking mine is a short action as it is .223 and any Moderator 1/2"(unf) will fit what is the best size to go for thanks
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    yes, you have a short action, and most likely a 1/2"x20 UNF thread on the barrel that
    will take a moderator that is made for a 223 rem or larger rifle with a 1/2" x20 thread.
    Do not stick on a moderator made for a 22lr...even if the thread fits.

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    Thanks for the info much app,one last thing lol clean the bore or not,and the bolt i have some silicon oil was thinking in giving it a light rub thanks

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    it looks like a sako .22lr mod to me i used to have one a while should have a one piece plastic molded baffle inside.

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    Hope not got it on my .223 and was sold by a gun dealer lol

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    it does look like an end fitting mod,and the exit hole does look like its bulging outward possibly off a bullet strike! ide go for a t8 etc,over barrel type.all you need to do is have the bush machined to fit your rifle and your good to go!!

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