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Thread: My kind of Sika Trophy

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    My kind of Sika Trophy

    Hi All, I just thought I would post up a few shots of a Sika Stag I photographed this afternoon at about 3.45pm. To me it has a lovely shaped eight point head. I far prefer the more narrow spread and upright heads on stags rather that the wide span bowl shaped heads that some stags develop.It has done well to keep all its points relatively intact, as most stags seem to have busted off tines by now.

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    Hi Andy, is that cracker at Arne?



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    Yes Pete, its an Arne Stag. Most are getting thin in the neck now (post Rut) but this guy was looking good and still seemed to be in the company of a group of hinds. Like I say I like the narrow span stags the best. They make a lovely trophy on the wall.

    Another try a posting a picci or two?????

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    A very nice stag, rather like the Co.Wicklow ones but more inside span enhances the C.I.C. points score.


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    Andy two weeks I will be having my op on my arm and hand, will be off for around 8 weeks the consultant said. I know you offered too take me and Michelle to Arn so she could photo the deer so maybe we could do something whilst I am off ? Will also be good for me cos I am sure I will be going mental and resorting to chewing the kitchen units and skirting like a crazed Labrador after a week lol


    Pete that knife still cutting ok? If it needs sharpening pop over to mine and I will get it shaving sharp and show you how to do it.

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    A very good picture and a good stag.


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    very nice photo,how close did you get to him ?

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    Thanks for the kind comments,

    Stag1933, glad you liked the pictures and yes you are right the wide spanned heads score more, however I like the more compact nature of the narrow ones - look better on the wall IMHO

    Pete, yes we will have to get something arranged whilst you are off

    Sakoson,The stag came towards me through the bracken, and at its clsest was about 15-20 metres away from me. Didint seem bothered by my presence at all. I moved position several times and it just watched me. Thats the beauty of Arne - Deer dont take much notice of people.
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    hes a cracker Andy, hope your keeping well. looks like his winter coat is starting to die off.

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    Excellent photos! I've fixed the images in your first post for you.


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