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Thread: Anschutz Match 54 (22lr), fully adjustable thunbhole stock & extras

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    Anschutz Match 54 (22lr), fully adjustable thunbhole stock & extras

    My days of shooting prone for extended periods are long gone, so with a heavy heart my Anschutz Match 54 must go. If interested in competing in the various disciplines or even converting to .22 benchrest then this is the one to have.

    Fully adjustable thumbhole stock including rising/tilting cheekpiece, rising/tilting 'armadillo' hook, etc
    Trigger fully adjustable including weight of pull, break, length of pull, angle and tilt of blade
    Fine competition sights including extra metal and plastic sight pieces, light shade and eye shield.

    Synthetic sling
    Aluminium boreguide
    Anschutz rigid case
    Selection of metal and plastic sight inserts
    22lr scoring aid
    Eye shield

    Asking price : 500 Location: Near Glasgow & Edinburgh

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    hello scotgun
    i might be interested would you ship to northern ireland whats your best price

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    I don't see why it cant be sent to NI, dealer to dealer. I've bought a 10bore shotgun from a NI dealer once.

    Best price is as stated, 500. You will not find a complete shooting kit with Match 54 rifle, fully adjustable Supermatch stock, sling etc for less.

    Get yourself a shooting jacket and you're ready to compete in 22 target or modify (as many are doing) to compete in 22 Benchrest.

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    I'm extremely interested in your rifle, I've only just just started searching for one and happened across your post. Is it still for sale ? I live in Somerset but I'm assuming it could be a dealer to dealer transfer.

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