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Thread: Value of ground

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    Value of ground

    I just got a smal bit of ground and it looks like **** is an old dissused bing and is approximately 20 acres. It has cost me 75p per acre and i am sure at 15 will give a return.

    So how do you value your ground is it the amount of deer it holds the size of the ground in acres =1000,S Is it how far you need to travel. Or is it how it looks like mountains and Lochs. Etc what draws you to the ground you pay for.

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    You know as well as I do Dave it's all down to return.
    After all only a fool would part with his cash for nothing. !!!

    Rgds. Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Billy thats not what i ment ,i mean at first a new bit were you will not know the return till you have been on it a while what draws you and makes your mind up that that bit is a bit you would like to spend hours on..

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    Surely with your expertise and knowledge you will not make this small mistake.

    Rgds. Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I ain't going to pay to take my dog and rifle for a walk but at the same time I would not knock back a bit of ground solely cause it does not hold 100's of deer or does not present lovely views. I like to have some smallish pieces of ground, near to home that I go to if I just fancy a couple of hours with the potential of a beast. I have one such piece that I am pretty sure does not hold deer but is on a transient route between two large forest blocks. Hit it right and it can be very good but there is no guarantees. What price do you put on these bits of ground - as cheap as you can get it for. I bet that your 15 is good value for cash.

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    a small piece of s...t ground of 20 acres with even a slight chance of grassing a beast is better than no ground and no chance of a deer

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    Tell me you're just talking lease-to-hunting-rights, correct?? I am looking at 87 acres of pasture land at $90K and thought that was cheap!~Muir

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    Sorry to jump OT but i've heard of grassing a salmon and heathering a beast so is grassing a deer an Englishy saying thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Tell me you're just talking lease-to-hunting-rights, correct?? I am looking at 87 acres of pasture land at $90K and thought that was cheap!~Muir
    Muir, That's a lot to pay a year In this little "piss-ant" country we can manage the odd bit of ground cheaper than that

    6-P, I know one chap who pays 1.00/acre for vast swathes of land, predominantly for the foxing. He has picked up lots of stalking that way. I also have a friend who pays 3.25/acre for 450 acres of flat/ish market garden land with very little on it. He has no other land and is very busy, and just wants somewhere to go on his own now and again. He takes three or four deer a year off it, a few woodcock, duck flighting on the river (mainly in vain), puts a few feeders out and generally really enjoys himself. Not bad really!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Well i was talking to the chap who lives next to this very small bit of ground and he told me that he had seen six deer on the small moor this morning and they are always there and he counted 27 on the larger moor (only 50 mtrs away from the small moor) but the farmer wont let any one on that because some fool shot a rifle at a can that was only feet from him. So it looks like there are deer on the ground and there were certainly lots of signs but it is in a place that you wouldnt even walk your dog for fear of him getting injured. So for me it will be a couple of nice beasts a year off it and for real pleasure i will go to my hill ground were i can take in the views. But when you consider the FC charge over 100 per deer on there ground it is not real that bad a price for a scabby bit of ground. PS paul grassing a deer is a scotish turm simply used to suggest you put that deer firmly down on the grass with your shot.

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