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Thread: another NEWBIE....

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    another NEWBIE....

    been looking at site for a while now...thought id take the plunge and talk to like the minded...been shooting for 25 + years shotgun clays/vermin ..f.a.c. for 5 years . hampshire / dorset border

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    Welcome, I'm sure you meat lots of like minded people on here for sure. A lot of the stuff will be of interest anyway.

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    cheers . just looking at other newbies posts and thought id better give a little more info on myself . done a fair bit of rough shooting with shotgun a few clays now and again( just to keep me eye in ) ....must need glasses !! obtained my f.a.c. ( restricted ) 5 years ago for .22lr , do rabbit control on local golf course and vermin on local farm. been in deer syndicate for 3 years . up for renewal just at the mo ( filling in multitudes of paperwork) !! applied for .243 for fox / deer on open ticket ( fingers crossed)...

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    Hi darty,

    welcome to the site. some very knowledgeable & helpful people on here. Whereabouts on the Dorset/Hampshire border are you?

    All the best


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    deepest, darkest ringwood.

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    Hi Darty,

    Welcome to the site. Great to have another Hampshire/Dorset person on here. You're not too far from us so do give us a shout if we can help in any way, deer, training, etc.


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer Services

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