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    I was out this morning with the 223 topped with my diamond encrusted CQB moderator , the problem was the plumes of smoke/steam out the barrel obscureing my sight through the scope now is this due to my over indulgence of WD-40 according to the maintinance regime stated in the manual , but after a few rounds i thought that would of dispersed so that leaves by all accounts the amount of condensation build up in moderators but again i would of thought that would of dispersed or is there a more cynical force at large or just a 223 + mod thing thanks gerry

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    dont spray to much wd40 down there bongo. it only needs a couple of presses. and make sure its left to dry before you use it

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    good advice i feel , i did rather give it a good blasting

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    I wouldnt put any down it , just take if off and blow throught it then store it off the rifle

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