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Thread: ND3 Laser for 210 from the states

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    ND3 Laser for 210 from the states

    BSA ND3 Laser Designator, Alternative to Night Vision!! on eBay (end time 03-Feb-11 19:00:39 GMT)

    175 for the laser and 35 p+p, anyone else found them for that sort of price over here?

    There is an auction for one on ebay at the moment in the UK that has 2 days to go and it is at 254! Crazy money.

    I bought a new cylinder & piston from the states for my chainsaw last year and never paid any duty. Has anyone here ever been stung?

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    VAT on your purchase will be 42 plus handling fee. So that's you at 252 before the handling fee from Parcel Force.


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    parcel farce thieving gits.

    Any road 254 for a 30 (if that) green laser with a bit of expansion and collimating optics in front... save your pennies!
    I have experimented with the green laser (30mw) and expanded the beam to something useful, advise is DIY! But be careful with
    a laser of this power, it WILL damage your eyes.

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    dont go out in the cold with it wos in a gun shop at weekend and he had 6 to send back because they switch them self off when cold

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    They don't switch themselves off, the lithium battery stops working. Which is why, in cold weather, you keep your batteries warm and insert them as needed. Keep swapping. It's the current drain, not the voltage drop that's the issue. Once warm the battery will kick in again.

    Applies to most Li Batteries.


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    G200 Burning Laser HIGH POWER Green pointer focusable on eBay (end time 13-Feb-11 00:17:18 GMT) I found this laser on ebay which also appear up to the task.

    joe bloggs: how did you expand the beam?

    Any links to where I would find a mount that is adjustable for elevation and windage?

    I heard that to get round the cold problem just rubber band a hand warmer around the outside.
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    Further to the above I asked the seller if the above mentioned laser would produce a good spot, to which he relied no but they are currently in the process of producing their own ND3 type light.

    "Hello, thank you for your enquiry. The focus of the beam can produce a 'spot' beam but i believe it will be alot smaller at 50 yards than 2-3ft, if you looking to use the laser as a laser designator similar to that of the ND3 for use on a rifle this laser will not give good results. Although i could with a little work on the laser make it more suitable for this application and also addon a presure switch if that is what you are looking for? Also you will probably be pleased to hear that we are currently having our own laser designators designed and manufactured with both green lasers and infrared lasers for use with night vision, they have fast adjustable focus rings from tight spot to wide spot beam and are pressure switch activated and will also be less than half the price of similar products. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me."

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