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Thread: DSC 1 DVD's, any recommendations?

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    DSC 1 DVD's, any recommendations?

    Has anyone got any recommendations for DSC1 training aids, interactive or otherwise?
    Based on the above does anyone have anything they want to sell on?


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    Hi Pgglet

    Get in touch with Mike from Jelen Deer Services, they have and an excellent CD Rom training aid. I have used this myself and duely passed on the first atempt.

    Hope this helps


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    Cheers Ads

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    Hi Pigglet,

    I have a couple of DVDs which might be of use to you. Send me a PM with tel no and I will give you them. I live in Ingleby Barwick just down the road.


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    Willie you are a gent, Pm inbound

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    mike @jelen dsc1 disc is that good i took the exams only and flew through first time buy it trust me

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    what's his email address, can't get the website to work

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    Hi JKL




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    I also highly recommend Jelen Deer Services' training aids, course content, teaching methods and general Deer attitude.

    Good luck


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    I just bought that Jelen DSC1 dvd of the evilbay, 22.50 posted, good value. Now to study lol

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