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Thread: Highland Stalking

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    Highland Stalking

    Hi guys

    How about you guys share some Scottish highland stalking pictures/stories?

    I have taken a couple stags on an estate near Dalwhinnie and it was an amazing experience which I'd like to repeat some day.

    Any favoured areas/estates? Have people been on the early season cull hunts? Hind culling in the snow?



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    I'm moving to Inverness in 4 weeks so hopefully be able to fulfill your wish, just need to get a "foot in the door" as they say. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get stalking in such a place, but trust me, Rocking Horse DooDaa. I'm sure JAYB will agree with me on that.


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    I will second that TJ, did you get those 308 done OK. I changed my phone I can hear all the words now!


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    Well Gabriel,
    I have put my experience of Highland stalking in the article section. With luck I will be up for the Sika Stag and the Red Hind season this year. I'm really looking forward to it, I hope it snows!

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    If it snows it had better be after the Sika stag stalking! It would be best if it snowed when you were at the hinds, I think Malc has a snow cammo suit


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    Having spent many years stalking the highlands of Scotland over some 20 different estates, some of which i personally have managed, and am still managing I have many stories and photos, in snow, rain, fog. But there are probably many people on here who have done more, Stag1933 being one of them.

    Anyway I have worked it out that this autumn will be my 23 year in Scotland and as usual I am looking forward to it. There is nothing that can compare with a bright autumn day in the highlands and the Red rut in full swing. Pure magic, and something I will never grow tired of

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