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Thread: .22wmr for sale

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    .22wmr for sale

    Hi all. Due to just having my ticket opened I am selling my cz wmr.If you are on closed ticket and have a fox problem on land cleared for rimfire only this is the caliber you need. It is in very good condition, 14 inch screw cut barrel, oiled wood stock, sak mod, 3 magazines, sling and hawk scope. It shoots inch groups at 100 yards with Remington 33g accutips of which I have around 700. I am looking for around 450 all in. I will sell the ammo and rifle separetly if there is interest but the ammo will have to go first. I would prefer a face to face deal at carlisle but can travel within reason. Cheers owain.
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    Pictures would be nice.

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    As in original post. Pm me your email and I will send you some as I don't know how to upload. Cheers owain.

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    If you think this isnt a bargain check out the price of the ammo on here. If you go by his prices your just about getting the gun for free. Somebody must want a bargain.

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    Hi Mate
    You did ask so I will reply , Sorry about this but if its such a bargain How come you haven't sold it mate , they are notoriously dear on ammo , why not sell it to the dealer if its that cheap !

    I Believe That's what the .17HMR has replaced ! is it not.


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    Yeah mate your right the hmr has taken over as the in caliber at the moment. Still doesn't take away from the fact that this is a more suitable rimfire caliber for fox than the hmr twice the bullet weight at the same velocity. So for somebody looking for a wmr for fox control on rimfire only permission and faced with paying that kind of money for ammo, and the price of this ammo a good ten pound cheaper this would be a good deal would it not? At the end of the day it's worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. I thought I had priced it fairly but obviously because it hasn't sold in the first week I should just give it away.

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    22mag and all thats with it ,thats got tobe a bargin, 22wmr a cracking round, 200 quids worth of ammo nice bargin for someone ,atb steve,[ ps with those rounds drop a fox better than a .17 hmr][ 33grn acctip cracking round]
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    Cheers mate. Good to see some people on here still have their heads screwed on.

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