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Thread: Planting/moving willow and Brambles

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    Planting/moving willow and Brambles

    Strange question, but were planning to plant some willow and brambles on a shoot work party sometime shortly. We're planting them for flushing/holding cover for pheasants but i know u can use them for browsing or for thrashing trees to attract deer.
    Has anyone done much off this and is there any easy ways to do it.

    With the willow we were jist going to cut pieces off stem off and heel it into the ground, does it matter the size of the pieces u cut, ie if u leave it a foot or 2 long u've already got 2 foot off growth or is it better to cut small pieces as they will have less chance off them drying out. Also is it better to cut pieces of young trees? or make no difference.
    We had a wee go last year but i think the dry spring dried them out and we went for the long stem approach, thought it would be quicker to get a bit off cover but not very successful

    With the brambles do we have to dig the roots out or can we cut the stems (like with willow) and jist stick them in the ground and hope they will self root.
    I remember helping a commision ranger years ago while on work experience from school, we were digging up wild rasps by the root and replanting them in a newly brashed deer glade to help attract the deer there.

    Cheers in advance for any suggestions

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    Brambles. Your ground or a farmers? I would not want brambles imported onto my land. Very agressive, tie up sheep. Spread can quickly make areas no go. Dogs especially undocked spaniels can be injured. To propogate is easy. find fresh vines, break and plug into soil. End of season lift and plant. Second year do the same on the cover and you are off.

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    hi mate willow is easy to propagate just cut the single stems and heel in like you said you should have a good success rate thats how we did all our planting of willow on my ground i was a greenkeeper for six years before i was welding,atb wayne, ps if you want keep some back and use a large bore pipe ie drainage pipe with a bung put in your suckers and fill with water to help rooting before planting.
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    Take willow cuttings off last years growth 9 inches to a foot long cut the top above a bud and the bottom bellow a bud push about half the length in the groud , dog wood is good for this too as are raspberry and gooseberry these are good for sawfly which in turn are important for wildgame bird chicks . Cut bramble back to about a foot and dig it out to move it , throw some Pand K on your bramble patches soon as possible , you wont see the benifits this year but watch it put good woody growth on next year . Buy a few lonicea plants and take a few hard wood cuttings from them each year they soon mount up

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    I keep the deer money , from outings , trophy fees and carcass sales to buy in young plants so its sort of self sustaining and if your nursery man likes stalking let him have a few outings in exchange for plants , i like box , holly , laurel , evergreen oak (bit of a long term plant) and snow berry but IMHO lonicea is the king of the covers.

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    Cheers folks

    One off the areas is a bit of a tricky one as the area is a SSSI so couldn't plant anything already on the site, there is brambles not to far away in an area where they srayed the bracken off a year or 2 ago. On the whole shoot there are a few bramble patches but they don't do that well and really take over, i think the soil could be a bit acidic, which is good as they ca be a nightmare like imbo said.

    The mistake we made with the willow was planting to big a pieces hoping it would give us a couple of years headstart, the willow are more for blinds and hides at our duck ponds to get guns/beasters in wi out being seen and a bit o cover at flight tmes. I will try puting a few cuttings in a bucket o water or pond edge to stimulate root growth.

    We have plans over the rest off the ground to sow some areas off reed canary grass and tricale this season.
    I've never heard of lonicea is that Honeysuckle or Twinberry as there seems to be a few different species off it.

    The laird said a couple off years ago we could plant snow berry but i never plnateed any as i read it can be very invasive. Have u found this? From reading between the lines, snow berry is the new rhoddy i will choke woods over time, they say shade is the only thing that really stops it spreading as is fairly shade intolerant but ilke i say no experience of it as that put me off.

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    Lonicera is Honeysuckle. Generally the type known in the gardening world is japanese honeysuckle, more of a bush forming plant that has leaves a bit like box (but grows much faster).

    I have a lot of box, laurel and holly cover on one of my shoots. The Deer love it, especially the Munties!

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    If there are rabbits, dont forget the tube protection especially for over the harsh weather where the animals will strip the bark & chew your young bush/trees etc, The tubes also give temp protection. scandanavian pine growns well, using the same method, just stick it in (feb-early may)

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    You say you have a pond. I have planted cuttings of willow about 5 foot tall with two or three branches in marshy ground and over 2/3 grew, though the others failed. It will only work if the boggy areas are wet over the summer months. They root quickly and could be transplanted to a drier site the following year. If there are deer about this is a good way of getting them quickly out of browse height. It is a very cheap way of getting big trees quickly. As Trouble says you need to transplant bramble with roots, the problem is its tends to grow along the ground unless planted against other bushes. If there are many deer on your patch they could be brosed out easily. A lot of work for nothing.

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    Never forget using a good 6 inch round Crack Willow bough, to act as a line stay for the laundry, when we lived in a caravan for two years, that bu**er was chainsaw fodder when we left!
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