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    Basic scope, not particularly good from a glass perspective, nor from a quality point of view. Ok I guess, but the USP is the BDC that's calibrated to a specific rifle, a specific ammo and load, a specific humidity, a specific altitude, a specific temperature, etc. etc. etc. Ie. instead of dialling in MOA's based on a drop chart, you just range your target, dial it to 'that' range on the BDC, and off you go..happy days - except for the fact that if any of the underlying variables change, your BDC is worth jack sh*te. This scope is designed for long range hunting in constant conditions, not target shooting.

    A much much better option would be the Swarowski scope with their 3 colour BDC option, where you zero at say 100, put one colour at 150, another at 250, and the third at 350 (for example),,then you'll be more than covered for UK Stalking, and won't have to hold-over at non-standard distances.

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    And the coloured drums setup, have no disadvantage against this other scope?
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    In a word, *****. A mate believed all the hype on the 'Best of the West' vids and splashed out for one.

    If using one, you'd better use it at noon when light is at its brightest and the target is standing large and proud. It was no better optically than say a Bushnell Banner.

    The calibrated turret idea is an old one which has been done by Kahles, Swaro, etc. Essentially you zero it to 100yds and then dial the targets distance.

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