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Thread: Best portable spotlight?

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    Best portable spotlight?

    I have a Clulite CB2 spotlight with a new battery but I am really struggling with it as it isn't nearly as bright as I require. Essentially, what do people reckon are the best portable spotlights for the combination of their brightness and battery life?

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    Has it only got a 50w bulb in? If so ' stick a 100w Osram Xenophot one in and you will be pleasantly surprised. Battery will only last half the time though.

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    If its old a new reflector was about 8 quid when I replaced mine, sorted it right out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    If its old a new reflector was about 8 quid when I replaced mine, sorted it right out.
    It is old. What was wrong with the old reflector? Was it the shape of it, or the reflective surface that had deteriorated / is different to the newer unit?

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    deteriorated, new one was massive improvement. whip it open and see if it has darkish patches appearing through the reflective coating and a dull finish.

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    The best portable I have came from Homebase, its 3,500,000 candle power has a v tight beam and will illuminate a fox at ranges we would not shoot at. Runs on 100w car headlight bulb. We use it for v long searching on big fields. Its like using a search light. Closer stuff we use a Lightforce. If your looking for a self contained portable, then Draper do an excellent hand held recharable which will do a short lamping session. Nice tight beam.However now superseeded by a Tiablo/Fenix LED torch.


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    How bright do you need. I can shine a beam a very long way with my CB2. Check the reflector and make sure it has the correct lamp in.

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