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Thread: Wobbly Dog??

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    Wobbly Dog??

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced this with thier dog?
    I'm a syndicate member at a local shoot where we have had a small walked up day today. I have a 5 year old springer spainel and as a rule I leave him at home on shoot days as he's not steady enough to be a peg dog. For small walked up days though he's perfect.
    Half way through the shoot I saw him emerge from the bottom of a ditch through a bramble hedge wobbling about as if he had been shot!! He obviously hadn't but he was struggling to put one leg in front of the other!! Whilst trying to way up how I was going to carry the dog back to the truck with all the rest of my clobber and after some few minuets he seemed perfectly ok. He then carried on the day as normal, and whilst flighting later on went on to retrieve a good few ducks well out of the pit?? He's now buggered and lying down in his run but seems ok... Hes a big fit dog, never done this before?? If theres such thing as wobbly dog syndrome he had it....
    Any ideas???

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    Sounds like he had some sort of fit. Very easy for highly strung springers. We have had 2 do it this year on the shoot its a sort of red mist thing I think.

    Might be a good idea to get to the vets and just get him checked out.


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    I think its low blood sugar, I had my springer fall over and fit for 30 secs. Afterwards when he came round I put him in the car fed him my sarnis and he was right as rain an hr later. It seems they work to the point of exhustion. Hope this helps.

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    Is he having fits or could he be diabetic ?

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    Lack of sugar and may be diabetic, well common in spaniels. Feed him a small amount of pasta and tuna in the morning and at lunchtime which is slow to release glucose which he will be low on. Seen that many times and tested blood on the dogs and they were all below 2mmg/l which in humans would bring on a Hypo which your dog is suffering from.

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    Seen 3 things have similar effect:
    Heatstroke - not likely at this time of year.
    Epilepsy - usually quite severe fits, but might be early signs.
    Heart defect - most likely of the three.

    (I'm not an expert by any means. Just reporting on what I've seen in working dogs.)

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    Similar posts about this some time ago on a forum, my springer bitch keeled over on a shot and fitted, I was told by the vet next day it can be due to their diet, some all in one dog foods lack all the necessary vitamins and elements a working dog needs, it was posted that cheap tinned salmon, with lots of skin and bones in the previous evening will stop the attacks, and another during the day would boost the dogs energy levels quicker than anything, again just the cheap stuff, its the salmon skin that holds the "goodness" I had noticed she would get really slow during the day, once she was on the salmon, differant dog. Also believe there are boost snacks for a working dog during the day, but the vet was right. deerwarden

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    Sounds like low blood sugar to me too.
    I have a diabetic labrador who has had a couple of episodes. I now carry a small pot of honey which I can use to raise his blood sugar quite quickly by rubbing it onto his gums. I then feed him a bit of it (well he licks inside the jar) & some food, keep him warm & calm & he's right as rain quite quickly.
    Get a vet to test his urine & blood, diabetes in dogs is now quite easy to treat (as long as Rover lets you inject him).


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    Low blood glucose is likely as others have stated. There was some correspondence in the Vet Record about 3 years ago on this. One instace was seen by a vet on a shoot who happened to have a glucometer on him - confirming the low sugar. So it's worth carrying something for the dog as well as yourself at lunch! (Not chocolate based!!!)

    It's likely to be just too much work (I used to get blurred vision after a long run if no breakfast), but worth checking it is not true diabetes.

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    Thanks for the replies chaps,
    Don't think he had a fit, it was as if he was p***ed!! He looked a bit like me at 11pm on a friday night I took him back to the truck and found some old stale jaffa cakes and give him a couple before we went out flighting. But looking at it I think Buchan's right he's not done much all season and the first burst has done him?? I'll get him checked for diabetes. Poor bugger worried me for a moment!!

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