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Thread: Ammo safe

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    Ammo safe

    What can I sue for an ammo safe. Can it be any type of safe as i wa thinking of a cheap number locking one.

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    Does it have to be bolted to the wall? and does it have to be in a separte location from the gun safe?

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    Have a read through these Home Office Guidelines should answer your questions


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    My local woolworths are doing big digital ones half price at 34.95. They are designed to lock laptops in.

    I can bolt it to the floor and wall and I use it for shotgun shells and keeping my safe keys in because my safe has a seprarate lock top fora bullets - dont know if that's what you are after?

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    Can be put on top of the gun cabinet or in a separate location as long as its bolted securely to a brick or stone wall.


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    When i first had a shotgun cert i bought a break down type cabinet. as the guns out grew it i bought a 7 gun one , i kept the old cabinet so when i applied for the fac 'job was a good one' as they say.

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    You mean I'm not supposed to keep it in the door pocket of my truck?

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