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Thread: Good Start for the Pup

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    Good Start for the Pup

    I planned to take my new 13 week old labbie pup out into an area with a few deer about to see how she would react to them. My plans were scuppered when I got out of the car and about ten fallow shot across the road, it soon became apparent that they were running from a pheasant drive going on nearby.

    However every cloud has a silver lining and as the drive was over a public road with the guns standing with their backs to it and the pickers up operating in the field on the other side, I stood my pup in a gateway right behind the line and was delighted when she wasn't the slightest bit bothered by all the gunfire and was showing a distinct interest in the proceedings watching shot birds passing over and falling in the field.

    At the end of the drive the beaters and picker up dogs all came around and she was able to socialise with them as well as drawing general admiration from most of the guns.

    All in all a good afternoon. Still got to see how she reacts to deer though!

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    Any chance of a picture Paul ? Sounds like a winner there, still early days for a lab out and about game in great numbers but she seems very balanced and sociable.

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