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Thread: .260 129gr SST load data

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    .260 129gr SST load data


    Does anyone have load data for the 129gr Hornady SST using N160 or RL19 in a .260 rem?
    Specifically looking for the listed max charge. My manual only has a 129gr SP and that's a flat base.

    Also be interested if people have used this bullet and what results they've had.

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    Burrowing into my notes I find the following load for the previous Mannlicher 260 Rem that I had - 129gr SST, 45.2gr RL-19, right on the lands. Then with the current 260, 45.2 gr and 20 thou off.

    I worked off the Hornady manual which notes a max load of 47.9 gr for RL-19. I found the SSTs more finicky than the 129gr SP Interlocks, however I did put a cold shot and second shot through the same hole recently with the SSTs. The hole got about a quarter larger.

    My current stalking favourite is the 129 gr Interlock and 46.8gr N165 20 thou off or 46.0gr N560 10 thou off.

    Regards JCS
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    260 Rem Load


    I have the 8th edition of the Hornaday Reloading handbook.

    The book doesn't give load data for Vit N 160 for a 129 g SST in 260 Rem.

    It does give a load for Vit N 165. The max load for 129 grain SST is 49.3 grains.

    The max load stated for RL 19 for the same bullet and weight is 47.9 grains.

    In respect of each the book says "Max Load, Use With Caution".

    I have checked and double checked these figures. However, I am a novice reloader and I may have made a mistake. Can I suggest that you check for yourself either on line or with the book before you make up such a load and fire it. Please also take that caution with the spirit of safety that its intended.



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    Thanks guys, looks like the 129gr SP and SST have the same data. Annoying there isn't anything listed for N160...

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    Speer list 120 gr spitz-SP list Vhit N160 43.0 gr for 2760 MAX LOAD 45.0compressed for 2870

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Thanks, visited that one - nothing for the 129gr's but I've picked up some 140gr Sierra SP's today so will try some of those in the mix.

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    Not the exact answer to your question, but for my .260Rem I load 129 SST with 41.0gr of N-550. Gives me 2850fps and clover-leaf grouping at 100m.

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    Thanks, I've got a working load for the gamekings at least so I will have another ding at these. Must say that I have read a lot of mixed stories about these - some saying they don't expand at all, others that the meat damage is excessive and many more saying they just couldn't get them to group...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milligan View Post
    Thanks guys, looks like the 129gr SP and SST have the same data. Annoying there isn't anything listed for N160...
    Is this a surprise, really?
    The reason a manufacturer doesn't list load data for a given powder is because it gave less than optimal results in their testing. If you would like to use N160 data with a 129 gain bullet, start with the data listed for the next heavier bullet (In my Lee manual it's 139 grains) and work your way up. You certainly can't get in trouble.~Muir

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