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Thread: How will it effect deer management if the Gov. sells of Forests Nationally

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    How will it effect deer management if the Gov. sells of Forests Nationally

    Celebrities call on re think of forest sell offs.

    Westcountry chefs, entertainers, business gurus and adventurers have all thrown their weight behind a growing campaign to halt a sale of the nation's public forest estate.

    Beauty spots such as Cardinham Woods in Cornwall and Haldon Forest Park's 3,500 acres of woodland near Exeter could face an uncertain future as the Government consults on "new ownership options".

    Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes are among the celebrities to sign a letter drawn up by a new group, Save England's Forests.

    Green entrepreneur Sir Tim Smit, model Lily Cole, comedian Sue Perkins and Transition Network founder Rob Hopkins have been joined by national luminaries such as the Archbishop of Canterbury, poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and Bill Bryson, author and president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

    Almost 90 prominent figures signed a letter claiming that such a sale would be "misjudged and short-sighted".

    It is the latest in a growing movement which has already seen an online petition on the campaigning website 38 degrees gather a massive 171,000 "signatures" against the plans.

    The long list of concerned celebrities, politicians, media figures and others said a bill being debated in Parliament would allow the Government to sell the entire public forest estate to commercial interests on the open market. It also expressed fears that, over time, access to currently public woodland would become limited and its protection eroded.

    The campaigners wrote: "We are an island nation yet more people escape to the forest than to the seaside. Our forests nurture countless species of native plants and wildlife. We have relied on them since time immemorial yet we are only a heartbeat in their history.

    "We, the undersigned, believe it unconscionable that future generations will no longer enjoy the guarantee of a public forest estate."

    They urged the Government to suspend any significant sales "until the public has been fully consulted".

    "We expect our leaders to engage in real dialogue with communities throughout the country to create a sustainable future for our public woods and forests," the letter added.

    Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has insisted there are no plans to sell nature reserves and promised that community groups and charities would play a greater role in protecting important habitats.

    The state currently owns 18 per cent of forests and woodland in England, but spending cuts could result in them being sold off or given away.

    Ms Spelman reassured critics of the plans that not a single tree could be felled without a licence from Defra.

    The department has also assured the public that access rights will not be lost. In a message on its website, it said: "The interest this has generated clearly shows that the public care about the country's forests. We do too and that is why protection will be in place for the many plants and species that call them home and for the public to continue to enjoy."


    UK government confirms forest sell-off plans | Environment | The Guardian
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    From a deer management point of view i would think it will be better to have privately owned forests than having the noose of the forestry commission round your neck. Deer management will still have to be done as any new landowner will still have their duty to play in keeping deer numbers down so therefore more opportunities to be had i would think.

    It facinates me, 170,000 people have petitioned the government about selling forests off, yet in the sun news paper they have only got 75,000 signatures to get the government to lower the price of fuel as it`s strangling the country with the high price. I know which concerns me more and it aint the selling off of our forests.


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    So 170,000 people think we should not sell of our soft wood forest, spured on by mainly second rate celebs looking for print time. 460,000 people could not change a governments mind about hunting so why are we payin any attention to them. the sale of soft wood forests would save the country about 20million a year, the FC loses money on every ton of timber it harvests, its the main reason government should not run buissneses, they just bog themselves down with red tape and jobs for the boys. sell the lot it will not effect your stalking one bit most probably improve it. rant over

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    well the deer numbers would certainly rise when the FC spot lamping stops over the released areas

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    well the deer numbers would certainly rise when the FC spot lamping stops over the released areas
    They dont do things like that Paul you know they dont.

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    Hopefully it will mean loads more deer and more deer species spreading out as FC policy is the only good deer is a dead one and mostly lamped from a vehicle at that !!!

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    all i will say is if you think its expensive now wait until you see what they will charge

    for the sake of the 15 million that the forestry costs i will be happy to buy a 2nd class stamp (thats what it equates to from each of us per year) and donate it to them to retain title.

    for once try and see that privatisation costs us more. has this country not learnt yet by its mistakes....


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    Frank maybe you wouldnt need to even give them the price of a stamp if they ran the company properly instead of useing it as a big boys play ground.

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    i see your point, i think they should stop building all those new tracks for punters to walk on, bike tracks to cycle on, car parks for us to view from. 100's of meters if not 1000's for walking on and with no rifle too.... shame on them.
    privatise it all and then see turnstiles appear at every entrance then private firms own woods that only highest bidder buys in. transparency will be the least of the issues


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    One I have noticed Forestry dosent have the appeal to invest money in like it used to do with all the ancillary grants thats were in earlier years these dont seem to be available in later years so the take up in purchasing may not be as quick or as easy as they invisage, I say that as 3 blocks of Forestry close to were I live have been on the market for the last 4 years without any sign of interest.
    Many Insurance companies and other multi national invested heavy but no longer seems to be attract for them even taking what tax incentives into the mix
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