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    budget press

    Hi all,

    I have ben reloading for the last 10 years using a Wamdet reloading press that belongs to a mate of mine that had given up shooting. He has recently taken up shooting again and wants his press back.
    So i am now in the market for a budget press. I only reload two or three times a year so i pack all my kit away when i've finished with it, so something not to big and idealy something that doesn't need to be bolted down. I load for 6.5x55 .223 .17Rem.
    The budget has been blown on a harrel measure so it needs to be at the right money, any ideas.


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    I'll stick my neck out here & say that I'm the same as a few others on here & use a Lee anniversary single station press that came in at less than 100
    I've had a look at the deluxe version but I get a bit of enjoyment from doing a session of batch reloading,so the single station press is good enough for me.

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    There is nothing wrong with a Lee, it will serve you well enough.


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    I, too, use a Wamadet press, bought in 1979, still going strong and which has loaded a lot of ammo over the intervening 29 years. It doesn't show any signs of wear as far as I can see and suffices for me because I seldom load more than 20 rounds at a time. I am not so fortunate as to have a "Loading Room", the desk in my very cluttered study does duty for that. Consequently, the good old Wamadet on it's varnished wooden base is ideal.
    If they are still available, I would recommend one if your reloading volumes are modest(say under 2-300 rounds per annum). You also may be able to find a used one.
    Whilst American presses are undoubtedly very good, you do have to find a place to bolt them down and that limits your choices. I expect that one can reasonably assume 'The Management' would be less than happy with holes in the dining room table? .
    BTW, does anyone know if Wamadet are still in business?.

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    Hi Pete,
    I love the Wamdet and have been looking for one for a couple of years without success. i have even thought of measuring this one before i return it then making a copy at work.
    I would much rather buy one though. i believe they were built by an aircraft engineer in the 70s but Google give no hits.


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    I've used a Lee Anniversary for 2 years and load for .223 .243 and .308 and am really pleased with it. No problems to report. All less than 100.

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    Hi ezzy,
    I have spoken to the inventor of the Wamadet Portapress and he is no longer making them. The rights were sold to Helston Gunsmiths(01326 573385) some years ago but they no longer make them, either. However, it may be worth contacting them.
    The inventor suggests that you place a Wanted ad on the various shooting websites because he is aware of a number of reloaders who have obtained theirs this way.

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