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    Hi - sorry - I should have done this earlier I think

    My name is Kally and I live in Fife
    My reason for joining the forum is really to get some ideas of how I can get some training and experinence for my son - he's 15 and we go to the Glamis Festival each year - for the last 2 years he has been really interested in shooting and wants to find out more.
    My only experience is from quite a few years ago when I used to go with my Uncle - ferrets / air rifle / rabbits - so I don't really have much of an idea
    I'm looking at gun clubs nearby for him but just thought I'd join some sites to see if I could pick up some info
    I also run a Scout group and am always looking for interesting ideas and information for them

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    Plenty of info on here kally, welcome to the site

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