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Thread: Lightforce 140 lance

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    Lightforce 140 lance

    Hiya Guys,

    I am upgrading my rifle mounted lightforce 140 lance for the 170 model instead. I have had this lamp for about 6 months and it has been used regularly, but is in very good condition. This is the best lamp I have ever used and will easily illuminate 200-250yds on the tight beam which can be adjusted to give a wider beam with less range..

    About 3 months ago I had the lamp rewired as the normal fittings that come with lightforce lamps are pretty poor. The lamp itself works perfectly and comes complete with 25-30mm scope mount, green filter, original box.


    I am after 50 plus postage.
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    Hi....any pics? i am looking to upgrade my deben max but want to find something about the same size. i think the 170 just looks really big ontop of a scope? not see a 140 though..


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    good luck with the sale its come a week too late for me i ended up buying new,atb wayne.
    tokas its perfect ontop of my 270 nice and light plus it clips off easy to use the lamp on its own

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    hi...thanks. dont want to hijack the thread but with this lamp can you i.d. foxes out to 250 yards? i only ask as that will be tha main use....what is the max distance that eyes can be picked up? sorry for all the questions but i just want to check.


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    all the bumf on the net says the beam is good to 400mtrs i cant say that i have had mine that far but so far impressed but other more experienced guys might help,wayne

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    you can easily identify a fox in good conditions with the 140 at 250yards i would say around 400 and up to 6oo with the 170 through 8x binos,ive used them for years and they do the job perfect,not seen some of the more modern led lamps but you,ll do fine with the lightforce

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    All the Lightforce range are good lamps, but keep an eye on the wiring! From choice I would go for the mid range striker but he Lance will do the job OK. Eyes will reflect out to 3-400 yards but you won't identify without binos or scope positively at much more than 150 to 200 depending on soil colour etc:
    For most fox shooters 150 yards at night is plenty far enough.

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    I will tell you straight about this lightforce lamp.

    It is by far the best and most reliable lamp I have ever had since I had it rewired. Despite what the lightforce company claim online though about the 140 lance giving a 400yd beam I think that is a load of garbage. I go lamping anything up to 5 times a week and I know the farms I shoot on very well, I have regularly shot rabbits across the valley at 250yds with my .243 and lightforce and at 250yds I am able to clearly identify the rabbits. I suggest at 300yds I couldn't.

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    I will take it. Got your pm, let me know when you know postage and I will papal you. Ta

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    "Sold to Tokas as he was the first to say he wanted it on here"

    I have received your money and refunded it as it wasn't sent as gift as requested. If not sent as gift the shipping will cost you more as it will need to be sent special recorded delivery to satisfy paypal that I have sent it to you.

    I will ship it as soon as you sort it mate.

    Let me know

    Thx Mate.

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