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Thread: Adding another barrel

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    Adding another barrel

    Hi guys

    My fac is going in for renewal and I was thinking about adding a 30.06 barrel to my cert. I own a sauer 6.5 55 and I believe that the bolt is interchangable between the two calibers. At some stage between now and my next renewal I would like to try for boar and the 30.06 is meant to be a good round for boar. What do I need to include with the application for the barrel? I.e just a make and serial number for the barrel


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    I just asked for authority to obtain another barrel in 30-06, I now have a Steyr with a .243 and a 30-06 barrel and a Blaser with a 30-06 barrel and authority to buy another barrel in .243 if I want to.

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    Keith, you need to cite "large deer" at home and travelling for sport abroad where your 6.5 is below recommended or legal minimums for large game such as boar.

    Make it clear that you are asking for am extra barrel only to add to an existing rifle, rather than a complete new rifle. It makes a bit of difference. You shouldn't really have a problem.
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    With a Sauer 202 it is like haveing ANOTHER Rifle as the Sauer Barrel has ALL the ID Numbers eg my mate has a .25-06 as i do if we was to exchange barrels it would be KNOW different to swapping the WHOLE Gun. ALSO as C.D states

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    In all cases of Modular rifles, that I know of, it is the barrel that contains the chamber and as such has the serial number on and as a result is the recorded details on the FC.
    So in theory, if you owned a rifle with two barrels, you could buy another stock,action housing and bolt and make another rifle.
    In practice it would be so expensive it would be prohibitive.
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    Thanks for the replies.

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    I have a Sauer 202 with this same combination of barrels, 6.5 x55 and 30-06 and it does work well. You will need to apply for a second barrel, and mine is entered on my FAC as a that, a 30-06 barrel. As the barrel is the only piece of my rifle with a serial number, you could technically buy another bolt(?), action and stock, but I am sure if you put it together and had 2 rifles you would fall foul of the law, as the paperwork states barrel!

    It only takes a few minutes to swap barrel and scope over, and the point of impact remains as previously zeroed with the refitted barrel and scope. Not cheap, but works for me.



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    KSB, i had no trouble adding an extra tube on my Mauser 6.5 in 300 win mag for Boar and large deer in the UK

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