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    I am in the market for a 30-06 anyone got a nice one or knows someone who as one for sale please let me know (In the south of the country would be nice)

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    Hi mate ,there's a nice Finnlite on the pigeonwatch forum on page two of the sales section,just thought it might be of interest to you

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    Hi there i cant see it on pigeonwatch page two, would you care to put it on here,
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    Its still on page 2 on pigeonwatch at 05.53am today

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    Quote Originally Posted by pendle View Post
    Its still on page 2 on pigeonwatch at 05.53am today
    And it's a full kit worth every penny of what is being asked

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    tikka t3 lite eb 3x12x52 scope, wildcat mod, bipod and sling 900
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    Have you got some pictures please lee and what scope is it cheers

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    Mauser Mo3 with Swaro scope in mint nick in Andover for 1900 on guntrader.

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    if you pm me your email ill send pic across and its the edger brothers opti-mate scope i like them for the price
    cheers Lee

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