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Thread: Age and Firearms office difficulties.

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    Age and Firearms office difficulties.

    I wonder if age has anything to do with Police considerations of variations/additional rifles etc.
    I read a lot of posts where folk seem afraid of asking for extra rifles just because they want another rifle or are concerned that requests will be refused.
    Both Lanc's and Grampian have always looked favourably on my requests but then I am now 44 years old. I currently have 5 rifles on my ticket and don't think I see any problems with asking for more.
    So... is it an age thing, a where you live thing or a which constabulary you live in thing? Are your relations with your local police getting easier with age?
    P.S Muir it must seem laughable to you that we have to ask permission to add another rifle to the gun safe.

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    Maybe it is a question of age AND experience; whereby you happen to be 44 years old and have (for example) 25 years under your belt. On my first application I got 6 rifles .22LR (2), .223, 6.5x55, 7.62TR and .308 for deer, and .303. Am close to 40 now with 25 years shotgun and long-range firearms experience in the army; so probably a mix of age and experience.
    Sometimes I do wonder if people don't apply because they can't actually see 'good reason' themselves either for the calibre they desire or indeed for the land they intend to shoot on, so they deselect themselves rather than make a positive adult request. May attract some flak for that, but 'say it as you see it'; can't cover all bases!

    The police grant requests based on a security risk assessment, an individuals needs assessment and then a magic assessment of the 'overall perception of risk' based on what they've seen and indeed in many cases feel from the behaviours of the individual applicant, and the legal need to meet the needs of the individual (they work for you too). [Read the ACPO and HO Guidance for Police Forces]

    A view might be that older people make this assessment easier for Police because they are generally more balanced, have greater respect for life (have children, loved ones and lost ones) and therefore represent less risk to themselves and others; the psychology of trust is a wide subject!
    This of course is not necessarily true in all cases, and does not reflect on young shooters but does reflect on those who have applications deferred, monitored, refused and revoked. My Golden Rule is be honest, ask for what you want, respect the discussions you have with FLO and FET and keep things in perspective; they have a job to do and can make things easy or difficult for you; in my experience easy and very helpful

    . Oh, and when in doubt call BASC!!
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    Theres something in what you say Rick I actually ended up dropping the .223 from my app before Id even started the interview, couple of reasons but mostly down to the fact that I wanted the ,22 , .17 and .243 day one and really couldnt afford a 4th rifle so I figured it may smooth things along if I asked him to cross it out. Saying that I did get permission for a short barrelled 9mm shotgun as Id been offered one that had to go on FAC for frankly pennies, I then whilst application was been processed got one that could go on the SGC

    I am looking at putting back in now for the .223 along with a second .22LR and at some stage a larger deer calibre 30-06, 308, 6.5 etc...Very much a confidence thing, now I have the FAC and am using the rifles for pleasure and work Im happy I can justify having them granted, when applying I didnt have that confidence.

    For the record Im 42 this year and held SGC for years and could show experiance with rimfires back to 16 years old

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    Dakaras, think that is fair assessment; the confidence is not in abundance on first application because we don't know how we are going to be treated by the Police or indeed quite understand what is expected of us as applicants. Once through it though, many would probably wish they'd asked for what they had really wanted!

    I talked myself out of a rifle calibre too, .17HMR, the .22 would do most of the vermin work and .223 the balance (doesn't mean I don't want one though!) and could see a situation where skill levels with any one calibre would be thinned as would be swapping and changing all the time (that's why I went for the perfect balance calibre of 6.5x55....standby..).
    Good luck with the larger cal variations; don't forget the mod!
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    I am 18 now and was granted my FAC nearly a year ago, I have been deer stalking and shooting with my dad for 3 1/2 years prior to my application. I applied for .22lr and .243 both with mods, when my FEO came round he asked me some basic safety questions which I answered well but not quite the answers he wanted to hear, he also asked if I had thought about DSC1. I explained to him that as a 17 year old student I could not afford the 300 for the course (he did not know how much it was) but I told him my dad had taught everything that is on the course anyway. To end he said I think you are a little under-experienced but I will recommend you but ultimately it is down to the chief of police! After what he said and hearing other peoples stories I expected to only be granted .22lr and told to apply for a variation later. But about 4 weeks later my FAC arrived with both my requests on there.

    I was given a .243 as I was only 17 so could not buy one.BUT THEN comes along the EU in June/July and says no one under 18 can buy ammunition!!! Great so I have had my license for 2 months and now I can't buy any until October, and my dad can't buy any for me as he only has .22lr and .308 on his FAC.

    Although all that is over now as I am 18 and they can't stop me HAHAHA, although I would like to have a humane dispatch on my ticket??? Don't know how they will feel, may need BASC's help, because after looking on their site is doesn't look like the police can do a lot to stop me having one . I would also like another .22lr, I have fallen in love with the browning T-Bolt, but don't want to get rid of my 1977 cz 452 brno mod 2-e, as when I purchased it, it did not function properly and together my dad and I worked on it and threaded it for and mod.

    Last note I don't live with my dad, but my guns are kept at his house which I think they preferred as it means I am only likely to go shooting with him.
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    West Mercia are not good at granting other rifles, you really do have to show you need them. But being a member of a rifle club helps.

    From personal experience I can tell you that BASC can, and will, do nothing for you other than give advice. They exercise little influence over the issuing authorities, which is one of the reasons I will not be re-newing with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    From personal experience I can tell you that BASC can, and will, do nothing for you other than give advice. They exercise little influence over the issuing authorities, which is one of the reasons I will not be re-newing with them.

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    With age comes responsibility... that's a fact.

    When I was in my early 20's I didn't really give a s##t about anything other than emptying the old spud sack, these days with a wife, 2 kids a mortgage and a good job things are a bit different. I very rarely even break the speed limit these days and walk away from trouble rather than getting stuck in.
    If I'm perfectly honest, I wouldn't have trusted me with a firearm back then. I had shotguns at 24 but only recently got into the realms of firearms.
    I suppose it's a bit like the stigma surrounding young lads and fast cars.
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