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Thread: Finding Bruce Potts

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    Finding Bruce Potts

    Anyone know where I might be able to contact Bruce Potts - looking for some technical info on a scope I saw him using in the ST but not getting much luck. Thanks

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    try jms arms, importer of the pes moderator. ask julian to bend over and look between his legs, bruce will be there for sure!

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    just go straight to shooting times,theyr good there

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    Bit harsh. As a writer / reviewer in another sector I've always thought his work to be balanced and well informed. His Sporting Rifles book is very good.

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    Brue Potts is a scientist by profession. Chemist actually and worked in the research area for Beechams then Smithkline-Beechams after the merger then Glaxo-Smithkline after the take over. If he still does? I have not spoken to him personally for some years now, we blonged the same club for some years, and that was before he was writing. In those days he was just starting to make the Video:-

    A Year in the Life of Roe Deer.

    Which he funded soley himself and had to seel several rifles to buy the filming equipment.

    Unlike a lot of us Bruce started playing and experimenting with ,oderated rifles a long time back now. I know he brought a Sako with the moderated barrel. That one came from Powells of Reigate if I remember correctly.

    It's his science background thant makes him go into the depth of things the way he does but then the editior says it's too long and cut it down. His first rifle test was rejected as it was too factual. Must not say anything negative or bad. Nothign new there as that's how it was with the motorcycling press back in the 1950's-1970's.

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    1+ To that I have a signed copy of his book and always enjoy talking to him at shows. I always see him on the ? Andersons gun stand and if so a call to them might help. Steve Bowers will also have his details ad he builds a lot of guns for Bruce.


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    Ahhh yes F.A. Andersons. bruce has been a customer there for many years. He is friends with John who works there and they met up through that gun club. In fact I introduced John to the club as a member and that was before he worked at Andersons. Was hopign to get into the shop this week as I was supposed to be down south but the car broke down and we are awaiting a new bit so didn't make it.

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