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Thread: minox 8.5x52 hg binos

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    minox 8.5x52 hg binos

    Attachment 4537German optic engineers have created a new generation of binoculars to meet the highest market demands
    MINOX ultimate aim was to ensure performance at the highest level when they developed and designed their new HG binoculars. The German engineers in Wetzlar, Germany have created High-Grade-Sport optics with the best possible performance in every area that defines a quality binocular. By using special optical glass from German glass specialist SCHOTT AG, a newly developed optical system provides a fascinating high level of light transmission which is bound to be highly rated for brightness and contrast. With their sleek body design and magnesium housing, the HG binoculars are real lightweights at the top end of the range and along with their beautiful cosmetics and ergonomics they ensure the end user will enjoy a satisfying new experience when using the all new Minox HG binoculars. Apart from optics, Minox have also installed a 'first' as the innovative QCF focusing now makes it possible to take exact distance readings from a scale on the focusing wheel, an often looked for feature on binoculars.

    With these exciting features and given quality, the MINOX HG is today’s trailblazer that has all the quality and features potential to become tomorrow’s classic.

    Top quality light transmission is an essential mark of quality in binoculars. MINOX engineers developed the innovative M*-coating of the lenses which consists of up to 21 different layers on the glass surfaces, adapting the various wavelengths of the visible light. This increases the overall light transmission to an impressive 92 percent, while improving brightness, contrast, detail and colour rendering significantly. Another benefit is a completely new optical system designed by our in-house experts with internal anti-reflection and anti-glare coatings to help improve contrast. 8.5x52 feature aspherical lenses to enhance the contrast and sharpness of the image from centre to edge. To provide a reliable and durable protection against internal corrosion and fogging, the binoculars are filled with state-of-the-art Argon gas.Lifetime warranty

    Another milestone is the mirroring of the roof prisms through the MinoBright technology. This silver-based coating guarantees an improvement of up to 99.8 percent efficiency of the light reflected at the mirror surface. This is yet another improvement towards better light transmission within the system of the HG-binoculars. The high-tech optical glass is “Made in Germany” by the Mainz based SCHOTT AG, a company of the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung, which was founded by Ernst Abbe. High technology originating from German glass pioneers used for innovative optical products by the Wetzlar based optic specialists of MINOX. All of the expertise from MINOX, a trusted industry pioneer, is combined in this high quality product.

    Better and more advanced handling is achieved through the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF), developed and patented by MINOX. With just one turn of the focusing wheel the HG-binoculars can be adjusted from close-up to infinity. This one turn allows fast focusing close-up, and a more precise focusing for longer distances. With the aid of a scale on the central focusing wheel, the distance to the object in focus is indicated to the user. This additional feature makes these HG-binoculars a reliable distance rangefinder.

    Despite all their features the new MINOX HG-binoculars weigh just 650 grams. This puts them amongst the very best lightweights at the top end of the range. The sleek body design with its protective rubber armouring was designed and fitted around the natural position of the hand. The weight was reduced considerably by using a magnesium alloy, which is increasingly used in aircraft construction. With its much lower density compared with aluminium and its extreme durability, magnesium is a revolutionary material for modern, tough housings of binoculars. The eyepieces are fitted with twist-up eyecups with four click-stop positions. This gives more freedom for an individual’s own eye-relief settings. The design of the large metal focusing wheel is both attractive and functional. Equipped with a cross-knurl, like the diopter-adjustment, providing a very good grip.
    510 delivered pm me if your interested
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    wow where are you i would like to look at these before i send you a cheque
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Good price cheapest i have seen them at is 561

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    very good price,
    i was looking through a set of these the other day,and the veiw was cristal clear,would like to have seen through them at dusk to compare there light gathering,the ones i looked at were 800 so a fantastic saving,must say very tempted

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    S wales mate bit of a drive for yo lol,but mark my words they are good quality and a bargin ,
    but only have a pair lefr as im keeping one pair for myself as i am very impressed with them

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