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Thread: When do you finish

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    When do you finish

    Well it is nearing the end of the Roe Doe season and for me it finish,s on the last day of FEB.

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    The law allows you to go a month more so why not?
    Some will no doubt argue that the sight of a foetus isn't pleasant, and let's face it isn't!
    However, we then positively encourage the shooting of heavily pregnant muntjac Does so where's the difference?
    I'll be going til end of March where necessary.

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    MS I think of my stalking as a sport and a passion and i like the degree of difficulty ,foetus dont bother me really.What bothers me is the Large Roe does were i am by the early March are very hungry and will throw caution to the wind for food and they are to easy to take and certainly no real challange.

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    Fair play to you mate. If I could realistically achieve all my cull targets by then, I'd do the same and have a well earned month off! It's not going to happen though, especially after this current winter! Most of mine are a real challenge.

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    Ms i will not get the month off ha ha i will be out fixing the high seats as some were vandalised and will be looking for some bucks moving about i find some times when you have a rifle it restricts you .It is certainly true for me and a few photos might hit the SD site. There are also a lot of foxes to get through as most of my ground is high hill.

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