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Thread: Ahy oop from NZ

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    Ahy oop from NZ

    I did a bit of stalking when I lived in the UK and enjoy keeping in touch with the scene there. Came back to NZ 4 years ago and loving it. We call it hunting but rest assured there are no pink jackets or hounds used. Although we have that sort of hunting too but for hares as foxes were not introduced so it can be confusing if talking to someone who has a foot in both camps.
    Anyway… Hi everyone, looking forward to being involved

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    hi Imaca,

    where are you based in kiwiland? What sort of hunting are you doing back there? I too am an expat been living in UK for last 15 yrs. Was out in NZ last Aug for Thar and Chamois at Fox glacier. Taking a few lads from SD with me this Easter for Red rut and alpine hunting in south island. Hunting scene in UK very different to NZ, as you know.

    Send us some pics and give the poms a flavour on hunting NZ style


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    I'm in Auckland and once I figure out how to post pictures I'll put some up. Main target species are Sika, Fellow, Reds, Mallards (in season!) and the occasional foray south for Chamois (so far unsuccessfully)

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