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Thread: Interested first-timer

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    Interested first-timer

    Hi guys.

    I am a complete beginner who has never stalked, but has hunted (falconry for rabbits & pheasant), fishes (trout and salmon) and has a real interest in the outdoors and country pursuits.

    In the Spring I will have a day Roe stalking in Dumfries & Galloway - something I am both excited and slightly nervous about! I want to be as well informed and prepared as I can be so that I get as much from the day as I can; don't completely p1ss off the long-suffering stalker; and most importantly have a good idea of doing the right things for the good of any deer I am lucky enough to have a shot at.

    Your forum looks like a great source of information so I hope you don't mind me lurking for a while and I may even have a write-up to come sometime in April!



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    Hi Andy
    Welcome to the site
    I am near Dumfries out on the coast if you fancy an action packed day during the summer
    get in touch if i do an AM and PM stalk i usually try to fill up the day taking my clients out
    on the estuary where i fish for Salmon with a haafnet or empty Salmon stake nets i work at
    Good luck for your first outing

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    hi andy welcom

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