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Thread: BSA CF2 Stutzen .270 Win

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    BSA CF2 Stutzen .270 Win

    BSA CF2 Stutzen .270 Win
    Please send a message for further details. Include an email address and I will send photos.

    275 for the rifle, rings and some reloading equipment plus any carridge costs. I have a resonable quantity of factory ammo that only owes me 10 a box so that can go in too at cost.

    This rifle has been used for what it is intended for and has the usual, honest knocks and scatches but it is still a sound rifle at a fair price.

    If no-one is interested thats fine but, please, lets not have a debate about the calibre, the fact that its a Stutzen, the meaning of life, where babies come from etc!

    Genuine enquiries only please.


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    This lovely piece of British gunmaking history is cluttering up my cabinet. New price 199.99. Send message for details. JC

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    There is a chap on here now after a 270 sir

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    Any pics, I have a spare slot for a 270, would go nice with my 308 CF2, what part of the world are you ?
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    +1 on that, where abouts are you?

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    Messages sent to the two enquiries above. Thanks for your interest. JC

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