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Thread: Rifle Zeroed In

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    Rifle Zeroed In

    Been Zeroing today down at Ivythorn Sports, Nice private range and cheap
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    First Pic is 100m 10 shots, second pic 6 shots third pic first attempt and 4th My Zastava M98 .308. Using Sako 123gr Game Bore

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    Hi Steve,

    Where is this range? If you don't mind me asking?



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    Hi Steve.
    The range is at Street Somerset -
    Roebucks Rest, Ivythorn Farm, Street, Somerset. BA16 9RH.
    Hope this helps: Chris

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    Thanks quiteman



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    Hi Steve,

    Is it back to the shop to get some more bullets now?????

    See you soon,



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    nice looking rifle,has it a whitworth barrel on it?

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    No Mike still got plenty for now, going to reload them as the guy has a top reloading room

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    I have been down to Ivythorn sporting to visit Steve Beaty for all sorts of things, clay shooting, reloading etc...

    I have no vested interest in his business but, I am a very satisfied customer. It's nice to see a guy with as much knowledge and passion about his business doing well. Over the years I have bought from and sold to Steve many times and always come away happy. His gunroom for S/H rifle stock is the best I have seen in the country and to be able to take a rifle up to the range to try before you buy is fantastic; have a look here;

    If like me you are into reloading but, do not have the space at home for the setup you would like then I would highly recommend using Steves reloading room. He has everything you need in great surroundings at reasonable cost, and you can try out your loads as you go.

    I always try and put my business his way as he's a good bloke and it's such a nice place to do business. it's refreshing to walk into a gunroom like that with 80 or so S/H rifles as well as accessories and have your pick and play with anything you like the look of, where else can you do that?

    Once again I am not in anyway connected to this business but, I waste no time in recommending it to all.


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