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Thread: large BC couger hunt picture

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    large BC couger hunt picture

    around the 190 pound mark, so not a record book couger, but a hog none the less,
    supposedly a couger needs a hundred deer a year to survive.
    in 5 years living in bc ive yet to see 1 and ive spent a lot of time in the bush
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    Nice Moggy there boys ,did you use dogs to hunt it ?. I would like to Hunt A Cugar have you got any good outfitters you could put me onto.

    Regards Danny

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    a guy i know shot it !
    he does run hounds and guides in a hot spot for huge cats,chilcotin area, he consistantly takes big toms and never kills females.
    he knows his cougers and there habits very well.

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    thats Eric Collier country aint it

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    You wouldn't want that sh** in in your garden...
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    That is a big Tom Cougar, lucky guy.
    yeah its a fine cat for sure!
    but not even close to a record book couger ! they get real big in bc and tackle moose and elk

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    that is a whole lot of pussey!!

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    I'll bet he used a big shovel when he went for a crap !!! Some pussy that was

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