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Thread: Aldi spotting scope 19.99

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    Aldi spotting scope 19.99

    I called into Aldi for a pint of milk today, they are selling 20x - 60x spotting scopes with a tripod from thursday 3rd feb,

    dont know what they are like, but may be worth a punt for under 20?

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    I got one last year for zeroing purposes. My 8X scope on the rifle is better

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    I wonder why Swarovski and Leica charge 1200 for them.... must be a wee bit better?

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    I bought one last year and found it not clear enough to accurately see the bullet placement at 100 yards so I gave it to my dad.

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    Looking at the posts above, I must of got one out of the decent pile!

    I'd say it was a smidge behind my mates swarvo in the clarity stakes but it does the job for saving my legs while zeroing.

    Worth a punt at 20 I would say.


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    it all depends on what you want, as long as you can see the holes in the paper at 100 yds then thats good enough for me, if I wanted to count the individual fibres in the holes I might decide to pay a little more at the end of the day its 20, if you use it once a year to zero , you will still get your money's worth! it would be nice to get a 1K+ spotter but its not going to kill me to do with out
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    Mine couldn't show me a hole at 100 meters..............

    Why didn't I buy that cheap optolyth when I had the chance

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    Well may I suggest you look at the Russian Helios scopes. I have a 20x one I brought soem years back and it's quite nice. In fact i have also used it for bird spotting.

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    I'll have a butchers at those.

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    Usually plenty of decent spotting scopes on eblag. I got a Kowa (Think its a TSN4) for 50, it looks like its been used for knocking fence posts in but I took a chance on it and its fine. I've got a Swarovski too which is a dream to use but you don't see them for 20 in Aldi! JC

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