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Thread: better day

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    better day

    i2ve messed around with this load with my roberts ai
    for 3 weeks now .but just shows what can be done when you are not fighting the wind and rain. gives you more confidence before you even start.
    least now iam on the right track. (dont want to tempt fate)
    just to say if you get frustrated with it like me . stick with it.
    there are some good people on here with good advice.
    the chrono read
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    I have thrown your velocities at Excel and this is what comes out:

    1 2969
    2 2956
    3 2962
    4 2962
    5 2956
    Average 2961.0
    Standard deviation 5.4
    Variance 29.0

    I know it's a very small sample, still, I am led to believe a Standard Deviation of less than 10 is good, so 5.4 is very, very good in my book.

    Well done. JCS

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    I don't know if you have seen this?

    SHOT Show Report: Four New Projectiles from Sierra Bullets Daily Bulletin

    Clearly, these will take a while to cross the pond, however it's good to see a couple more .257 options.

    Regards JCS

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    Good results for your efforts ,


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