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    Hello folks,

    I hope you are all well!

    I'm new to this site so thought I would introduce myself. I have only been stalking for about 2 years so am still learning loads. I completed the DSC Level 1 last year, and thought it was an excellent course which i think most people would benefit from doing. However it doesn't teach you how to stalk, gralloch and actually shoot deer so the next step for me is to gain more experience then register for DSC Level 2.

    So for now I'll read the posts on here, ask questions and generally feed off the experience on here!

    All the best folks

    Naturally Selected

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    Welcome N.S, i would register for level 2 now anyway to see how the paperwork is done and get an idea of what is expected. I think you still get a couple of years to turn in your portfolio ! Good luck with it and enjoy the site. ATB

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    welcom m8

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    Welcome to the forum

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