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    RWS Ammo

    Hi all,

    just wondering if anyone out there has used or has any info about RWS cone-points 150gr in 308win.
    Local shop has got some at an ok-ish price and they seem to have bought a batch so better still if they work. Mainly for sika and fallow.
    Rifle blaser R93 professional with match barrel.


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    Hi Huntsman.

    i've used the RWS .270 140gr cone point also, from my tikka t3. used mostly on red, sika and roe. They certainly were sufficient for the job so i would imagine that with a .308win they will certainly do the job. I currently use Norma .270 110 gr ballistic tip non toxic as SNH requirement which also are an excellent round for all the deer listed above.....

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    If you can - just get hold of one and try gently chambering it. These cartridges with cone-nosed bullets should be fine for all factory-made chambers, but not always for custom made rifles where the leed might have been made a little shorter.

    The cone replaces the gradual ogive and the shoulder of the cone reaches closer forward to the rifling than the more gradual-shaped bullet ogive.

    Believe me - I know this from experience as I obtained a packet of RWS 127 grain cone-nose cartridges for my custom-made 6.5X57mm and the shoulders did engage the rifling.

    I doubt if you would have this problem - but maybe worth a precautionary check. All I had to do was sit them in the press and push the bullets into the cases a couple of millimetres.
    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    I've used this cartridge in my 308 - very good accurate in my rifle at least. Not the cheapest, but if your rifle likes it...


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    123grn in my 7x57 are good on all deer

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    The Cone point bullet has an excellent reputation even in Africa. Robertson mentions them in the book "The Perfect Shot".. They seem to provide excellent precision on target too.

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