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Thread: Arran stalking

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    Arran stalking

    have e job to do on Arran anytime before end march which may last 3 days, weather permitting,will be there for a week, so looking for any information on stalking other than BASC(not a member) for a couple of days.

    thanks ,james

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    Yes. Sannox estate has some superb red deer stalking. Charles Fforde is the owner of the estate and a real character and a gentleman. Had a great 2 days a few years back taking 5 hinds and 3 calves on the first day, finished early on the 2nd day due to bad weather, but still managed 2 deer. He may have a few days left? Did the BASC week a couple of times. Not knocking it as its still good value for the money and teaches you lots. Did well the first time I went on the BASC week (3 hinds 2 calves), but not so well the 2nd (1 spiker on the last outing of my week). You can access the details of the Sannox estate which is on the higher ground on the north east of the island at
    All the best, and get it booked before 15th Feb.

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    Can second the comments on Charles Fforde's estate, however - he has changed his pricing policy and now has an allowance of hinds per party per day with additional ones chargable. We went there for a couple of seasons running but after a change to his pricing policy it no longer seemed value for money so haven't been back.

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    thanks guys will look into arranland and any others anybody can recommend .

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    The dougarie estate is owned by Steven Gibbs who is a mover in the Scottish Venison Group and Association of Deer Managment Groups. Works tirelessly for deer and venison related causes up here.

    The Ffordes are Scottish aristocracy who lived in Brodick Castle for generations. Related to old Scottish royalty allegedly. Lady Jean Fforde is the mother. I love all the culture within Arran they say it is Scotland in minature with highlands to the north and lowlands to the south.

    I have stalked Arran with BASC a few years back with my hairy biker friend and we did OK. Absolutely love Arran and friends have a place across from Lamlash golf course.

    You will love Arran, hope you get a good day out.

    PS the picture in my Avatar is of hinds and sheep grazing together just before Lochranza on the east coast road. It is farmland and in summer you can watch the stags fighting from the layby.

    Lochranza golf course is a must at dusk as the deer wander all over the course sometimes even when folk are still playing!!!
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    Theres nothing to shoot in March!
    Due to the losses last year on Arran estate,there will be no hind shooting this season..

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    Quote Originally Posted by griff View Post
    Theres nothing to shoot in March!
    Due to the losses last year on Arran estate,there will be no hind shooting this season..

    s...t awell all work no play then,cheers griff


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    Never read the post correctly. There are no roe or foxes on Arran and with the hinds finishing on Feb 16th you are toast.

    Bummer. Never mind go up Goat Fell and take your bino's still wunnerful.

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