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Thread: Evening all from the Scottish Borders

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    Evening all from the Scottish Borders

    Evenin' All...(the TV cultural reference probably ages me, but I was in very short trousers)

    A newbie to rifles and looking to do Pre-DSC before getting my FAC for rabbits in my paddock, and fox on local land. Did a lot of cadet rifle shooting and have been a clay/duck/pheasant gun for a number of years. Love the outdoors and now live in some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. We have lots of stalking here; I love the solitude of a dawn dog walk so think deer could be for me.
    Have been lurking on the site for some time, and information on calibre, scopes and bino's has been great. We butcher our own meat and have plans for a small kitchen operation.
    In my 'spare' time can be found under a '71 SWB 2 1/4 Landy!

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    Hi Shug

    You are right about the Borders countryside, where about's are you based?

    Welcome to the site.

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