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Thread: Need to shoot foxes but not allowed to lamp.

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    Need to shoot foxes but not allowed to lamp.


    Apologies first as this is not strictly deerstalking related but one of the farms I shoot deer on has asked me to blitz the foxes as their chickens are talking a hammering and lambing season isn't a million miles away.

    For a variety of reasons it isn't possible to lamp the place after dark.

    There are highseats on the property and some bales on hay to overlooking the fields next to yard where the chickens and sheep are.

    I am a fairly experienced deerstalker but not quite sure how maximise the numbers on foxes as I fair proportion shoot more deer than foxes on this farm.

    Should I invest in a caller and sit up for them or try and work out where they live and stalk in to them?

    Is baiting legal and/or effective? I so what would be the best stuff to use?

    The farm is about 60/40 pasture/woodland.

    All help appreciated as always chaps,



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    Have you thought about traps/snares. They are working when you are not around.

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    Bait and wait you have the option of the full moon and certainly calling in the day time works no problem in fact i find foxes around my area come out just at dark .Also what a bout a few snares just to give you a bit of back up. Ps if i bait for day time foxes i used to or three baits deer ribs and place them over fence posts if the fox has not visited them while i am there i lift away .corvids will take them day time and foxes and badgers after dark when your not there..
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    I think we are due another cold spell, You will find them out during the day more if it gets a lot colder. They will call easier as well.

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    night vision kicks ass if you can spare a very thick wad of cash on some

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    Hi Grandhubert.

    Go for bait stations.
    As for bait ( Chickens ) should come free of charge..
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    N/v and baiting Amir if you need a hand give me a shout.
    Anglo deer management and training
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    Thank you for the swift replies gentlemen.

    I'm not sure about trapping or snaring on the basis that I don't know anything about them and as the farm is a 120 mile round trip, I would not be able to check them often enough to be humane.

    It'll have to be shooting.

    Tell me more about baiting, I assume I will have to make the bait static in some way to keep them still for a shot or just shout "oi" at them like deer?

    I might be able to borrow a night vision scope, does one scan with it every so often or keep it on the whole time or what?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pierred View Post
    N/v and baiting Amir if you need a hand give me a shout.
    Give us a buzz mate.

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    You need the farmer on board, To get your stations going.
    Then make them work for there meal, by tie in it down.
    Or by putting a bit of mesh on top, This should give you plenty of time to take a shot'
    Good luck
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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