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Thread: Wanted: Scope mount for top rib O/U combination gun

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    Wanted: Scope mount for top rib O/U combination gun

    Where in the UK might I get my hands on a detachable scope mount (with 1" rings) for a standard top rib O/U combination gun?

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    you may be bale to order EAW (Apel) mounts directly through the importer otherwise you may struggle over here.

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    What make and model is the combination?

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    It's an early model of the Zoli Corona ST 12\70\.308 Win.

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    You have several options depending on how much you want to spend.
    You could try Stephen J Fawcett who were/are the Zoli importers, though Garlands may now be dealing with Zoli. They quoted about 200 for a mount for my Unifrance (Zoli Focus) double rifle last year.
    Another alternative is a mount from Apel (EAW) around 250 quoted.
    The Suhler speed montage is another available on the continent, this is very similar to the Recknagel mount which Zoli sell as their own.
    Edgar brothers advertise a range of mounts made in the Czech Republic but were unable to supply when asked- special order!
    I really wanted a set of quick release mounts that would allow me to switch from open sights to scope or red-dot in a jiffy, and experimented with B-Sqare adapters that provided a picittiny rail but these were unsuccessful.
    I eventually fitted a set of "Sportsmatch" mounts on my rifle after trying half the gunshops in the southern half of the U.K. for a suitable mount.
    The Sportsmatch are cheap solid and British. They hold zero and to date have not shifted. The secret is to mount the front ring as far forward as possible so that it bears against the knock out block where the front swing off mount would be fitted, this acts as a recoil stop. I use a large variable scope that winds down for fast close range shots so negating the need to remove the scope. If I did consider it necessary to remove the scope this can be achieved quickly using a suitable allen key.

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    Have a look at They make a detachable scope mount for the Zoli combi.

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    8x57 & Jagare

    Thank you for your advice. As the rib is not dovetailed I suspect I may have trouble finding a suitable mount. Regardless, I have now taken some digital photos etc. to Email to the various manufacturers. I will let you know how I get on.


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