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Thread: Steyr 6.5x55 for sale +scope and mod

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    Steyr 6.5x55 for sale +scope and mod

    Steyr 6.5x55 for sale +scope and mod
    Put this addy up a few months back, only had offers for the scope, so it is now going back on but with a price drop to 1200 ovno

    After much deliberation I have finally decided to hang up my deer stalking rifle, as several of you know I have long term health problems which are now starting to affect things.
    So for sale my Steyr prohunter stainless synthetic in 6.5x55, it is fitted with a Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10 x 56 klassik, also fitted with T8 Moddy, all in very good condition, the gun has had less than 250 rounds through it, there is also 90 x Lapua 155grn mega sp ready rolled, 40 Norma 120 grnNosler BST, plus a bit of Lapua,Norma and Sako brass.
    Everything is as new, however the rubber eye piece is missing from the scope.
    Cost of buying this lot from the sportsman would be around 2400, I would accept in the region of 1200 ovno
    Can deliver up as far as Bristol and across as far as Hampshire.

    Regards Jamie.

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    Several people have asked if I would sell the scope only, if someone wanted the rifle only then I would split.
    Thanks for looking, J.

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    OK, Willing to split and sell gun and moddy for 850 ovno, if anyone goes for this I will then sell the scope seperatly, but would still prefer to sell as a package.

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    if you sell the scope might be intrested mate?

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    SOLD as a package to a very nice man from the midlands.

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