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Thread: video pictures

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    video pictures

    Should i show them or do you think pictures and video should remain private. OR DO THEY ENHANCE THE SITE.

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    Yes show the all vids and pics ,especially the ones about deer ...neil

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    I see no reason why you should not put video pictures on the site.
    They are both informative and educational.(with the do's and dont's).

    Rgds. Buck.

    PS. With regards to the do's Dave, remember to check with the client first.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    i think that the vids /good or bad educate far better than any book can for newcomers and to see a reaction to a shot and then follow ups will at least teach newcomers how to go on and minimalise suffering.i do also think that there needs to be less agro on each poster of threads again it will only stop people posting informative information valuable to people like myself,atb wayne
    just to add i also agree people need to consent to footage been aired i myself think that if/when i do something wrong by showing the footage it helps then it should be shown.
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    ....IMHO, as long as the individual(s) that are involved give their OK, I think it's fine. Should only be done with prior knowledge and permission though!
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    Show them

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    6 pointer show THEM, don't be put off by the armchair stalkers and their petty remarks, this site needs input of an educational/informative nature. There will always be negative remarks from some who've been there, seen it, and done it from an armchair, you took too much flack from the previous post[in the bag] in my opinion, from those that hadn't even read your original post correctly, if people are wary of posting articles etc, because the roasting you got, we wont have a forum!! deerwarden

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    Post Them ! yesterdays videos were good vids !

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    They should be shown... as they SHOULD be very educational and of interest to many people both young / old... Inexperienced and experienced... Although its just a shame that it seems photos and videos bring out a major lack of maturity in so many instances in people who comment because they want to cause trouble and actually add nothing beneficial to the post...

    New Video - Advanced Marksmanship (Head Shooting)

    This is the greatest example yet... The only people who have a right to add posts to such posts complaining about certain issues are people who actually understand what Mike and his team are doing, trying to achieve and have been paid to do like any profession and clearly do a bloody good job as they have a list as long as their arms trying to get them to do work for them... How on earth people can comment of backstops from a video when the rifle could have been at a completely different angle and people have no idea of the background... There could have been a 12 ft steep bank just 2 trees on the other side of that fence that the camera depth didn't show... John from YDS had a similar one last year where someone complained in one of his videos he had let a client take an unsafe shot, yet low and behold as John proved there was a sodding great bank just a meter into the hedge... Also yes some of the deer also looked like they reacted in a slightly odd way when head shot and sometimes looked as though they may have been shot on the side of the face etc... Not surprisingly when slowed down and a bullet traveling around 3000 fps hits a deer head it makes it move in a slightly odd way but if you watch the video all of the deer shot moved very little and wouldn't have even heard the bang as they say now it may not look pleasant but I would rather not here the bang if that could be helped than hear the bang and bleed out whilst running as my chest cavity fills with blood... yes it could go wrong but the chances are if it did the follow up shoot may put a deer down quicker 2nd time round than that chest shot running deer hit in the chest from the 1st one... and there is one thing for sure, your very unlikely to loose a deer in a park for more than several minutes compared to maybe days / weeks in the wild...

    When I 1st joined this site people were all about trying to help newcomers, this covers all forms of shooting/stalking not just wild stalking otherwise we wouldn't have an other sporting opportunities section would we... This is a type of shooting and seen as it regards deer i would say many would be interested... But instead of trying to help newcomers and people who don't understand with sensible experienced answers and questions there are time and time again too many people sat behind a computer just wanting to have a pop at someone else because they do things differently, have access to something they don't etc...

    Some people may generally be interested in parks and I think from the answers that keep coming up on here about park deer in general a few people could do to sit back and either shut up and learn from the people who do it professionally and have good reputations or just pay no attention and live life being afraid to learn about the unknown and unfamiliar...

    If you do have comments or queries why not place them as a query over PM and if the answer you get you really feel still shows some concern after discussing then maybe raise it on the forum but people who just come out all guns blazing and start insulting people with frankly ridiculous abuse about what they do is pathetic and certainly the biggest downfall of what I used to believe is an amazing site however day by day I feel less inclined to think this way...

    Rant over and I welcome back criticism and no doubt someone will tell me that I shot a deer this morning that didn't have a backstop and would have been a perfect breeding animal for next year... Even though they don't know me, or what I do, where I do it, how many deer I have and what my ground is like...

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