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Thread: most consistent 25-06 brass

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    most consistent 25-06 brass

    For those who load 25-06: I've just started reloading this cartridge and am presently using hornady brass. Have not as yet started serious load development but would like a pointer from those that have experience of the 25 as to which is the most consistent (in terms of case volume/wall thickness/overall construction) brass?



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    An interesting point and one that I don't know the answer too. I tried some Federal and Sako factory ammunition and not enough to get any real ideas. Am waiting on some other brass, just waiting for the post office to get it here, I know that Forest lodge have a fair amount of R.P 25-06 brass and was thinking of buying some but then the brass on here came up which saves me a 70+ mile drive to get it. It will intresting to see if anyone has an answer.

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    The best I've found has been Federal, which isn't available as a reloading component so you have to collect once-fired. Maybe the quality control on factory ammo from Federal is tighter, so the brass is better.

    There isn't much new off-the-shelf brass about in .25/06.... apart from Rem-P or Winchester. I've had some dire new brass in these brands in other calibres.

    My experience with Hornady once-fired (a comparatively new entrant in my supply chain) in .223, .243, and .308 is that all their cases are much lighter (thinner or maybe different tempered?) than all the others. Hornady do advertise their ammo as hyper-velocity so maybe their loadings are heavier or a bit higher pressure.

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    I reload for one of the Ghillies and have found best consistancy with Nosler Custom and Sako followed a close second by Winchester and Privy, with federal last.

    The best bass is norma but that means necking down 30-06 brass

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    In order of quality, it probably goes RWS, Lapua, then Norma, although Norma is often said to be a bit "soft" i.e. doesn't last as long. You would have to neck down Lapua brass, but I think you should be able to get RWS (at a price)

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    Or just weight sort the brass you already have or can get from Midway...

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    Isn't Sako brass made by Norma or Lapua? Or am I mis-remembering?

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    Further to this the brass arrived this morning. Majority is NNY with a few R.P and one boxes worth of F.C. Once I run them through the cleaner, size and trim I will weigh them and see what the difference is.

    Just remembered that the box of Federal ammo I brought then relaoded the cases didn't last very long at all it looks like they managed about 5 reloads and one case has failed at the web developing a small split and another split the shoulder so I crushed them all at the shoulder with a set of pliers.. Have just put the 20 F.C that arrived this morning in the cleaner and I will see how they do life wise.

    I have to go out to town later so will pick up a new small note book to keep a log on this 25-06 brass and loads and see how it goes.

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    nostler custom brass is very good. i have found in 22/250 all the prep work is done so just load it up and shoot.

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