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Thread: Damson Vodka

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    Damson Vodka

    hello all i thought i would share with you my damson vodka recipie.
    last year I made my usual amount of Sloe gin and due to an abundance of damson's I made a decent amount of Damson Vodka. I like Sloe Gin but the Damson vodka beats it hands down this is the rustic recipe used for mine.

    1/ one clean demijohn
    2/ 5 lbs of ripe Damson's
    3/ 2 bottles of supermarket vodka
    4/ 1 bottle red wine
    5/ sugar

    how I made mine

    Put 2" of sugar in bottom of demijohn then add the damson's until demijohn is 3/4 full (squeeze out stone in damson's when adding ) add the two bottles of vodka and one of red wine , place bung/stopper in demijohn and shake for 5 minuets.

    shake every day for 1 minuet for 1st week,then once a week for next 5 week,remove out liquid and pulp I used a stainless steel sieve over a large pot as once the sieve clogs is a slow process of dripping through. (keep the pulp) once it was all sieved I again passed it through a finer filter(old pillow case) and it came out with no bits and clear.

    I have used the damson pulp ( it tastes outstanding) to add make damson & apple crumble and add to ice cream, as for the Damson vodka it turns a stunning deep burgondy/red colour, to drink its outstanding on its own but very good with a good double measure poured over some ice topped up with either tonic or lemonade a very refreshing tasty drink.

    hope you enjoy ....neil

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    Sounds good, I'll give it a go. What sugar did you use?

    Reason I ask is that in the last batch of sloe gin I made I used Muscavado sugar, (also added a vanilla pod), and it is outstanding.

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    Orion, i used mostly white caster sugar with a small amount of Muscavado as thats all i had of that , i mad a Sloe Gin in 2009 and added a chilli and some ginger that was also very good.

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    That does sound good, will have to try and get some damsons for next year.
    I have jist finished decanting the last off my sloe whisky and morgans spiced (both very simple 1L=1lb sloes=1/2lb sugar) going down very well too well infact, running out fast and still another 3 keepers days to go too. Could do with smaller bottles

    Couple off questions:

    Do/can u put the red wine into sloe gin or vodka? i've never heard off that before.

    With flavourings how much do u put in? I have jist put a second batch off sloe gin on wi some almonds in, jist a couple off nuts thou as i thought i can always add more if needed.
    Also wot other flavourings work well? I've heard of almonds, cinimon but thats about it.


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    I tried adding almond to my sloe gin last year and decided that it was a way to ruin perfectly good sloe gin. My damson gin turned out really nice this year. One thing I do with damson gin is not to add too much sugar to start with as you never know how sweet the damsons are. I go through the maturing process, filter it and then add sugar until I judge the level of sweetness to be right.

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    Damson Brandy is also rather tasty.
    Just use the recipe above but I used Tesco VS cognac instead of the vodka.

    Booze and fruit, always a winner

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    Also wot other flavourings work well? I've heard of almonds, cinimon but thats about it.
    Vanilla pod as mentioned above seemed to go well by adding a smooth note without detracting from the overall taste.

    The other thing I've tried this year is to use the sloes from the gin to make sloe sherry. Mix with a half decent litre bottle of Amontillado or medium sherry and a tablespoon of sugar added after a week or so (optional). Leave for a month, shaking occasionally, then decant. Mine was pretty good but a friend's didn't turn out as well - maybe he used cheap sherry?

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    I have always used a pound of fruit to a bottle of vodka, 1.5lbs to a litre. I always use at least 40%proof vodka. I always use golden castor sugar, the amount depends on the fruit. And as a final finish just add a drop or two (no more) of almond esscence.

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    i dont know if people normally add red wine i did as i had a feeling that the damsons would be sweet and i wanted to also bolster the volume i am glad i did as it turned out great..

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    Home made sloe vodka and champagne nectar of the gods (well I like it) (elevenses on shoot days)

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