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Thread: Range when shooting off sticks ?

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    Range when your shooting off sticks ?

    As most of my stalking is woodland,my deer are taken off sticks.
    I find they are normally within the 100 yard range, usually closer.
    Bearing in mind we are talking Sticks not a Bipod.

    What is your normal range. (within reason now lad's)

    Rgds. Buck.

    PS. Quigley down under's need not reply thanks.
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    Depends on what sort of sticks you are using!
    I can comfortably group about an inch at 100m off my quad sticks, especially if I can get my back or shoulder against a tree or similar.
    The ranges I shoot deer at depends on what Im comfortable with.
    You should know yourself what you are comfortable with which is ultimately your own limitation. If in doubt practise and see how good you really are!

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    In the Mid West (USA), it's common practise to shoot off sticks up to 2000 yards.

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    Have you got you noughts right there matey??

    You sure its not 20,000
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    My genuine longest shot was about 80 yards but then again I carry long leg bi-pod and sticks so there's always choice.

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    My longest shot was my first roe, a doe, a witnessed shot taken off sticks at 140yards. I have not repeated this, all have been within (well within) 100yds.

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    Billy i have been shooting off sticks most of my life and feel confident shooting at normal ranges 60 - 100 yards no more than that .

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    The max range off 4 sticks is the same as prone off a bipod or bag and varies dependent on weather conditions, quarry and need to put something in the larder. Rgds JCS

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    Don't generally like to shoot over 150yds off sticks standing,i use stoney point bipod sticks and if i can i'll shorten down and sit, quite happy sitting and shooting out to 200yds,longest shot of sticks standing was 240yds the one and only fallow i've shot, perfect heart shot before anyone starts tutting,big target when you are only used to shooting roe.

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