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Thread: Seating a bullet to calibre depth?

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    Seating a bullet to calibre depth?

    I was reading the attached article when the writer mentions seating a bullet to calibre depth (part 6 on attached link).

    What does this mean?

    Dan Newberry's OCW Load Development System


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    Seat the base of the bullet into the case equal diameter of the bullet. A .308 would seat the bullet .308" deep. a 6.5mm would seat the bullet .264" deep etc.~Muir

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    I haven't read the article and maybe it's covered, but doesn't a blanket recommendation like that go out of the window if you are using boat tails, as the bearing surface twixt bullet and case neck might then be marginal at best?

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    Most folks are referring to the bearing surface when specifying seating depth. Not always, but more often than not. As you say, it only really gets unclear if not specified with boat-tails. Any recommendation on a specific seating depth for handloaded bullets should be bullet-specific. A generic recommendation such as "It's a good rule of thumb to seat bullets 1 caliber deep" implies bearing surface depth.

    By the way... This is another excellent example of what is wrong with referring to cartridges as "calibers". As in "What caliber are you shooting" when what is meant is "What cartridge or chambering do you have". This wouldn't have been 'confusing' to david1976 if the mis-use of "caliber" wasn't so deeply ingrained in the shooting vernacular.


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    Last night I tried seating an 87g BTHP at 'caliber depth'. That is .243" + 0.09" for the BT. This however, gave me a COL of 2.715, which is even higher than the industry max COL for a .243, where the Hornady manual gives around 2.62 max COL.

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    IF your "long" COL doesn't jam the bullet into the lands, the ONLY reason for "industry" max lengths is for fitting cartridges in magazines. There is NO "harm" in having "long" COLs as long as the bullet isn't into the lands. There CAN BE HARM in "short" COLs, as seating a bullet deeper with the same charge WILL increase pressure.


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