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    Proof House

    While we are at it, you Cheshires & close by's.................... whose up for a trip to the proof house?, anybody out there already done one?????
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    I guess you mean Birmingham Fin.

    I visited a few years ago I think there was a max of 12 for a visit great good trip out and a scarey black museam.

    THe royal armouries pattern room at Leeds is another good trip I dont think you would be able to get Brithunter out of that place once he was in there he would be transfixed for weeks

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    The proof house is certainly a very good visit especially the museum, it will certainly make a few reloaders slightly more cautious. Sweep you're right about numbers being limited.
    The Royal Armouries museum is also another great place to visit if you have an interest in firearms though I found it a little upsetting, I kept saying "I used to own one of those" over and over again. It makes you realise what has been taken off us over the last 25 years.

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