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Thread: trimming my bush (muffler)!

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    trimming my bush (muffler)!

    just taken delivery of bush muffler to protect my new T4.

    its too long so will need trimming, has anyone done the same?

    do i need to apply something to the cut neoprene to stop it unravelling/falling to bits such as superglue or something, or will the cut edge just be ok to leave??

    thanks in advance


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    Neoprene won't rip unless you apply excessive pressure to it a starting point ie. a 1-2cm cut into the neoprene that you could pull, but it's strong stuff, If you wish to apply a glue, I would be wary of using Superglue as this might melt it!!

    It will be fine as long as you do a good job cutting it.


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    Simple straight cut with scissors or sharp knife and it will be fine. I did mine an age ago and no ripping at all.


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    all trimmed, lovely jubbly
    T4 tastik.

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    A slight smudge of rubber glue (something like Evostick) over the cut stitching will protect that from pulling loose

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