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Thread: Thanks Stone

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    Thanks Stone

    Try again
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    top marks nell
    looks like she enjoyed the work and more than capable of getting u out of trouble if it did get up and run

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    Cheers mate, yes she is powerhouse, im busy training her daughter at the moment, she does'nt show the same aggression as her mother,but early days i recon....


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    Hi Nell, looks an enthusiastic dog. How did you get her to hold the neck? Did she just pick that up herself or is she trying to bring it towards you? Mine currently just licks them, but she has not come across a injured deer yet, she can track OK and works on free reporting. Any advice?

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    Ali, i train my dogs to hold the neck. quite simpley get them keen on the deer skin, as in tracking reward,let her carry it around, then skin a deer and leave the head on, offer her the throat to carry the skin by,then basicly when she goes for the skin if she picks it up by the throat,praise and carry on, if she picks it anywhere else big NO and offer the throat,they soon realise if they want to play with the skin its throat or nowt. Hanging the skin over a gate and letting the pup pull it down to the ground, im sure will imprint for the day when she does have to pull over a wounded deer..

    Hope this helps


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    great vid nell lol

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    The best way I have found to get a dog to go for the neck is to cut the throat and expose an inch or so of windpipe. The dog soon gets the idea one you do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amanda16 View Post
    great vid nell lol
    Cheers mate hows the big fellow coming along?????

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    Hi Nell
    had the big fellow out on Sunday for a small test, laid a track about 400-500 yards long wearing the scent shoes. I laid a track with very little blood on it, with plenty of twists and turns and in and out of a wood. He lost the trail once but soon back on it. All the training is coming together now - its good to see.
    The only trouble I have with him - I dont even know if its trouble -is he is very head strong - once he finds the deer skin, he doesni half give it some punishment. I must add at this point he does grab it by the neck. the tips you have gave me have paid off. cheers tam

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    No probs mate, stick with it sure he will fine,its in the breeding


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