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Thread: Hodgdon H322

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    Hodgdon H322

    Hi Folks

    Thinking of using H322 for my 223 with bullet weights between 40gr and 60gr, the load data seems favourable plus my local RFD has it in stock usually.

    Anyone got any experience with it or load data?



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    For 40 and 60 grain bullets the entire charge weight spread between minimum and maximum is 2.0 grains, at best. (40 grain bullet) and 1.5 grains at least for the 60 grain bullet. What kind of load info would you like to be supplied with given those tight parameters?? Try if you don't have any data. Otherwise you're going to need to see what works best for your rifle, starting 5% under minimum and working up. I have used this powder in my .223 SAKO single shot heavy barrel. A 50 grn match bullet at min charge shot bug-hole groups but this was the nature of this particular rifle....~Muir

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    I used to use H322 with 52gr AMax and it was absolutely superb - highly recommended.


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    Thanks Muir

    It more to see if people are using it/like it or have a better suggestion. I've never had a 223 but have done load development for a 30-06 so have a good idea of what i should be doing.

    The rifle is a Sako 85 with varmit barrel 1/12 twist, i'll mostly be shooting 40gr heads but don't want to rule out the odd trip to scotland for Roe hence 50gr+. I think the twist rate will limit me to 60gr heads.

    I've got one person telling me to use reload 7 or vit 133 and another saying H4895 as it works in his tikka. Having done a bit of homework the H4895 seem to be more suited to larger calibers and heavier bullets. The RFD is suggesting H322, is that because its in stock or acutally a good choice, i don't know.

    Maybe a better question is, does the type of powder used make that much of a difference? Assuming similar burn rates.

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    Of all of the above, I like 4895 the best. My SAKO BR rifle shot it's smallest group with this versatile powder. RL-7 is another good one. Currently, I'm using IMR 3031 with great results in my .223 and .222 Remngton. If you guy has a lot of it and can give you a good deal on it, go with the H322. It's a good powder, just not too versatile. (4895 is good in a 30-06, don't you know??)~Muir

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    Not my load, but info that I trust:

    Sierra's Accuracy Load for AR15s
    Powder H322
    Grains 25.3
    Primer Rem 7.5
    Bullet 40 Sierra BlitzK
    Velocity 3200 fps

    Usual caveats apply

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    And a very good load that I have tried:
    Powder H4895
    Grains 26.5
    Primer WSR
    Bullet 50 V-Max (also works with Nosler BT)
    Velocity 3341 fps
    Usual caveats
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    H322 top of the list for my loading 223 50gr, 52gr, 55gr, yet to try it on the 60gr.

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    Sounds good folks, order now in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    Not my load, but info that I trust:

    Sierra's Accuracy Load for AR15s
    Powder H322
    Grains 25.3
    Primer Rem 7.5
    Bullet 40 Sierra BlitzK
    Velocity 3200 fps

    Usual caveats apply
    That is a very weak load for a 223. Seem to remember using 24gr's in my 222 with a 50gr V Max.

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